My name is Bjørnar Valstad and I am an outdoor enthusiast and a wildlife photographer. I am a former World Champion in orienteering. 
As a former orienteer I have spent more time in the forest than most people.  I used 25 years to be the fastest orienteer in the world.  Now, I explore nature in slow motion,  and try to capture the beauty of nature with my camera.  I hope that through my photos you will experience nature's beauty and wildness, in the same way as I do.  
I write freelance articles about wildlife and nature in the Friluftsliv magazine.
I provide pictures for private and public display. Amongst other places, my work can be seen in the Nittedal municipality City Hall and Rotnes Legesenter. 
Please feel free to get in contact if any of my images are desired for use in publications. 
Regards, Bjørnar

Purchase of images
If you would like to buy pictures, please visit my webshop at: You can also make inquiries about an order by using the contact form.All printing is made by ( guaranteeing a very high quality.For digital rights please make contact. 
My equipment:
OM-1 (former Olympus)
Olympus Zuiko 60mm, 2,8 macro
Olympus Zuiko 7-14mm, 2,8 PRO
Olympus Zuiko 17mm, 1,2 PRO
Olympus Zuiko 12-40mm, 2,8 PRO II
Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm, 2,8 PRO
Olympus Zuiko 150-400mm, 4,5, 1,4 TC, PRO
Olympus EC-14 Telekonverter 1,4X
Stativ og gimbalhode
All rights: Valstad Photography 
Orgnr: NO 919810831
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